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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

How Nostradamus Revealed himself to Me, John Le Saint, in a psychic dream vision.

March 1, 2004 was the day that changed my life. That night the psychic visitation to my dreams was different. I, John Le Sainte, found myself walking in darkness and was approached by Michel carrying a candle lantern made from dark brown metal and wavy glass. He took firm hold of my right hand and asked if I trusted him. I responded, Yes!, with conviction.

A great Brightness seemed to travel through his hand into mine. I felt a intense rush of warmth all over my body. We walked together in the darkness until we reached a sandy beach along a very still ocean. The water appeared blood red under a full, deep crimson moon that seemed to be partially obscured by passing clouds.

Startled by the sight, I remarked that I had never seen such a red moon. Michel replied that I was not seeing the Moon, but rather the Sun. He explained that a great quantity of ash in the sky allowed only the red spectrum of sunlight to penetrate. Michel related to me that he had been mistaken in his first interpretation of this vision as well. He told me that this is my first Psychic Vision of the Future and to write it down, as he had done nearly five centuries before.

He turned towards me and bowed slightly and finally introduced himself by his full, true name, Michel de Nostradame, known today as Michel Nostradamus. I had been long destined to be his Voice and Pen in this troubled age. I had heard of Nostradamus before, mostly from the recent flood of television programming and stories in newspapers and magazines.

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John Le Sainte