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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Nostradamus Predictions of Royal Prince Assassination Through Psychic John Le Sainte Complete Explained and Interpreted

Nostradamus Predictions: A Royal Price is Assassinated.

Nostradamus and I, psychic John Le Sainte, now share two more New psychic visions for the Future. I have written over One Thousand 1,000 new Quatrains with the Guidance of the Soul and Spirit of Michel Nostradamus. Please read my entire blog from the very first posting until today for a complete history of my life since first being contacted by Nostradamus in 2003. The Prophetic Psychic Vision of the fourth Quatrain of Century One is fully explained below.

A demon cloaked in Word of Lord,
Nova orders given to those devoted.
Twisted king with wisdom whored,
Places from Earth unjustly smoted.

A son of Crown dwells in Danger,
White Serpentine and Gold.
A coward and unknown stranger,
Waiting in the Shadow cold.

Note: The psychic vision began with bright streaks of White and Gold with the appearance of golden afternoon sun rays on fresh snow. Obviously a Beautiful Mountain with a wide ski run. The son mentioned is Skiing with two other men. The other men seem to be bodyguards as they are dressed differently than the prince. They fly over a very fresh coating of powdery snow, In hiding, a lone assassin in a dark shadow in a clump of pine trees.

The assassin's breath showing clearly from the darkness. I was specifically instructed by Michel to change this quatrain to use a lowercase "s" in the word "son" as I originally wrote a capital "S". The prince and one bodyguard are hit and fall. An anxious world waits for news. I have not seen if he lives or dies. The prince should NOT have been dressed differently from the guards to make an easy target for an assassin. Perhaps this in depth description will change this future.

Please keep an open mind. Since Nostradamus began to appear to me in my sleep, I have filled notebooks with the psychic visions we have shared. I will post a few more each day.

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