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Monday, May 26, 2008

Nostradamus Predictions of a Plane Crash into the Gateway Arch in St. Louis Missouri USA

Welcome Back!, I am Psychic John Le Sainte. If you are new to my blog, please allow me to explain. In 2003 I began to have Visions of the True Spirit and Soul of the 16th century prophet Nostradamus visit my dreams. Nostradamus revealed to me that I, John Le Sainte, am the sole heir to his gift of Prophecy and that he will guide me into the future to create new predictions of the future written as four line quatrains. Please Read my earliest blog entries to fully understand the relationship that I share with the Soul of Nostradamus.

This Nostradamus vision shown to me some time ago, and is being posted out of order. I am being flooded with requests to publish Nostradamus Predictions about certain areas, The United States of America, India, Brazil, Phillipines. This vision that was Shown to me by Nostradamus, is of a Small Plane crash into the Gateway Arch in Saint Louis Missouri in the Southern USA. I can never place the incidents in time unless the date is clearly seen or spoken, but it seems like the plane crash will be within the next few years.

Into the Great Arch a small plane will crash,
The Stalwart Gateway doth not fall.
Proudly stands with serious gash,
The pilot lost, a troubled plane did stall.

A small plane crashes into one of the uprights of the Gateway Arch. The plane wreckage falls to the ground and the Pilot doesn't survive. At first, ALL the television stations in the country go live to the incident, thinking it is another terrorist attack. It is not a terrorist action at all. I don't know the condition of the man before he hit, but I heard people on the scene say he had been a troubled man, or may have just been having trouble with his small plane.

This Plane Crash that Nostradamus showed to me, John Le Sainte, in the future happens at a warm time of the year as the reporters are not wearing heavy coats. There is a good sized gash in the side of an upright leg, but the Gateway Arch in Missouri will remain structurally sound. No one inside the Arch is injured, but the Gateway Arch will be closed for quite some time for repairs.

This will be a very big news event. It's possible just this description may prevent the accident from happening. Perhaps they will install some early radar detection units around the structure. To see the actually future is to have the power to change the future.

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