Nostradamus Predictions and Prophecies of the Future by Psychic John Le Sainte Translated Here Free

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Nostradamus and I John Le Saint Present the New Quatrains, Predictions for our Future

I am not a professional writer and never intended to be. This collaboration of new prophesicies between Nostradamus and I, John Le Sainte, is a long awaited destiny. To fulfill a promise made nearly five centuries ago by Nostredamus to return to the World of Today with more visions and hope for your Future. Please read the following 700 quatrains with an open mind and heart as we wish to protect you, not frighten you.

In 2003 the new Visions began,
Guided by an Ancient Mind.
Across new centuries they will span.
A Gift Knowledge to Humankind.

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Please click here to read Nostradamus visions as shown to Psychic John Le Sainte of the Upcoming New York City Earthquake, bridge collapse and train derailment. This prediction of the future New York City Earthquake is explained, described and interpreted in great detail.

Nostradamus Predictions about the Nuclear attack by Terrorists as Revealed by the True Living Soul of Nostradamus to Psychic John Le Sainte. This devastating Nuclear attack comes at sea and is revealed in great detail by The Spirit of Nostradamus to the world so that It may be Prevented!
Nostradamus Predictions about the TRUE meaning of 666 and the Coming World War 3 three the Information and Technology War as revealed and shown to John Le Sainte by Nostradamus. The mark of the Beast 666 is already upon you as foretold millenia ago. Nostradamus has shown the future to help you, your family and the entire world.

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John Le Sainte