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Thursday, May 22, 2008

New Predictions by Nostradamus and John Le Sainte Warning and Prophecies of the future.

Nostradamus first visited my dreams in 2003. Each night, Nostradamus guides me , John Le Sainte into the future and together we create new Psychic Predictions in the form of four line poems known as quatrains. Nostradamus predicted and promised his return in the 500 th year of his birth. Now, the Soul and Spirit of Nostradamus and I bring to you new psychic predictions for these dangerous times of Earthquakes, Financial panic and uncertainty.

After you read these new Prophecies, please read the previous posts of this blog in the archives to discover more predicts and secrets of the life of my guide, Nostradamus.

A tin of Meat, A loaf of bread,
Keep secret your food stash.
Many men will be dead,
Killed for their meager cache.

A New Age ushered in,
Escorted by ancient souls.
In quiet reflection, without sin,
Before the World's Bell Tolls.

Angels on Earth Disguised surround,
The Royal blood child of Lion.
Forces reviled would otherwise bound,
Secret Messages from Trion.

The old man of crippled foundation,
A son of John with complexion fair.
New chosen leader of a Nation,
Unwittingly unlocks a Demon's Lair.

Gold, Purple and Green,
Inundated once more.
Devastation again obscene,
Man of Raynes shall Pour.

Golden Temple built on top,
Covering blood upon the land.
False oratory by T.L. without stop,
Secrets given up from the stand.

Secret Mission doomed to Fail,
A Mighty Nation refuses to Bow.
The Secret case and coat of mail,
Day nineteen of Ice and Snow.

Long Coat in Black Conceals,
Weapons not, but secrets cold.
A Blue Chariot Drawn by Fiery Wheels,
A son of Lebanon with spirit bold.

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