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Monday, May 19, 2008

Nostradamus Shares the Secret Details of his Life with me, John Le Sainte.

Nostradamus tells me many stories of his life in Sixteenth Century during our nightly psychic meetings. He has told me MANY secret stories detailing his life in the Sixteenth Century. There are some facts of his life that he wishes to be known.

The first is in regards to the Portrait painted by his son Cesar. This is the Portrait of Nostradamus shown on my Blog's Homepage. Nostradamus is aware of this Portrait and claims that it had not been painted in his lifetime.

Nostradamus explained that Cesar obviously copied it from a Miniature Portrait commissioned by Her Most Christian Highness Queen Catherine de Medici from her fine court artist Fran├žois Clouet in 1555. It was painted on copper and set into a small, oval, gold frame as a gift from the Queen. Fran├žois Clouet, he explained, did paint the miniature work from life as he was recovering from a severe attack of gout in Paris. It was in the possession of Cesar upon his death. The work by Cesar does not have the sparkle of the living soul as did the original. Nostradamus also notes that in the miniature likeness his beard was not grey as in the recreation by Cesar, then goes onto note that his beard had never been so grey in his lifetime.

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