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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Nostradamus and John Le Sainte Post New Psychic Prophecy Quatrains

Nostradamus and I, John Le Sainte, offer our readers several New psychic Prophecy Quatrains.

For those new to my John Le Sainte Blog, The Soul and Spirit of Nostradamus began to reach out to me in December 2003. Each night as I sleep, the true Nostradamus visits my dreams, teaching me his secrets of Prophecy, guiding my into the future.

Together, Nostradamus and I, write new psychic Predictions in the Form of Quatrains. Please read my Archived posts from the earliest to the last to get a full understanding of my continuing psychic relationship with Michel Nostradamus.

Great Fence and Moat,
Constructed of Silver and Grey.
Upon which Satan will Gloat,
Nations separated by a Bay.

A Great Sky Bird, letters Red, a danger,
Actions by Isaac made in Haste.
Brings down another, a stranger.
Many lost, an avoidable waste.

Face of Youth Restored is sold,
New Grown Mask of Skin.
Skillful Surgeons Replace the old,
Is Eternal Beauty a Sin?

Black Forest will Wither,
A Dry Wind Blows.
A Sky Demon Drifts hither,
Destined to be land of snows.

Icy Fingers on Demon Hand,
Down will reach in deadly grasp,
A frozen fist shall seize the land,
Will all life utter the last?

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