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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Nostradamus Predictions: Oprah Winfrey Future Gail King Tragedy MUST be Avoided.

Nostradamus Predictions: Oprah Winfrey Future Gail King Tragedy Must Be Prevented!

Nostradamus promised to return on the anniversary of his birth with new psychic predictions to guide our troubled lives. Nostradamus first appeared to John Le Sainte in 2003, on the 500th anniversary of his birth, and began to guide him into the future. The True soul and Spirit Nostradamus and John Le Sainte share these new psychic warnings to help and protect you, your family and the world from danger and evil.

Nostradamus has revealed to me a secret of the life of Oprah Winfrey. That Oprah is guided by the ancient Soul of a wise and generous queen that ruled centuries ago on earth, as I am guided by the Soul of Nostradamus today.

Oprah Winfrey is considered to be an Angel on Earth by Nostradamus. He has shared with me the secret great works Oprah does for others. Oprah helps out families in need with money and kindness. Oprah helps impoverished communities in other nations and does so trying to conceal her great works from the world. Oprah does these good works out of pure love for people not for recognition.

God has graced Oprah Winfrey with great gifts to help others on Earth. Her Television shows are aimed at helping people find comfort within their lives.
As a reward for her grace, Gail King was brought info Oprah Winfrey's life to provide true friendship, the anchor, that keeps her Empire steady through the rough times.

The True Soul and Spirit of Nostradamus has shown me, John Le Sainte, this psychic vision of a great danger to Oprah Winfrey's great friend Gail King. Nostradamus himself has told me to place a priority upon the issuance of this prediction to the world as it causes much sadness for people of many nations.

The Queen shall lose her King
Caused by a Lincoln White
Loss to the world shall bring
Adrift from Her Throne this Night

Nostradamus summed it up to me in this way, "In your lifetime you will be able to count all your true friends on the fingers of one hand and have fingers left over".
Oprah Winfrey and Gail King share one of these most special and true friendships on Earth. They know that they share a psychic connection.

The accident will happen in the early evening. A black or a dark navy colored limousine has picked up Gail King for an event. Gail King is wearing a gown but seems to be wearing sneakers. The gown Gail is wearing seems to be a dark red or brown, It's dark inside the limosine. Gail is seated facing forward on the back passenger side of the limousine. She has a bag and a small suitcase, probably with the shoes she will wear that evening. The Limousine is driving in a city but the streets are not too congested, and there are not a lot of pedestrians, which leads me to believe that it is not New York City.

Besides the driver, another woman is in the back of the limousine with Gail King seated beside her on the driver's side. She is dressed in more business appearing attire, and is about 25 to 30 years old. She must be a coordinator of some type as she has an open top briefcase with papers and notebooks. She has a small sized Blackberry Type Device and is looking at it in the psychic vision. Her glasses are very distinctive, I saw similar ones in an ad for "Bed Head" brand glasses. Plastic Frames with wide, narrow top to bottom, rectangular shaped lenses. She may be a light African American or a mixed race woman. I have seen this very clearly in the psychic vision as guided by Nostradamus.

This Dark Limousine is driving at a safe speed with no sign of danger. A White Lincoln automobile goes through a red light at an intersection and crashes into the back passenger side of the limousine carrying Gail King at over 50 miles per hour. Gail King and the other Woman are both severely injured and the drivers of each vehicle escape serious injury. The modifications that stretched the Limousine to be longer made the sides much more vulnerable to a side impact crash. The vehicles did not catch on fire, but white smoke does fill both cars for a short time upon crashing, I am assuming that it is from the drivers' air bags that deployed on impact.

The Firefighters arrive very quickly, in just a minute or two, as well as the paramedics. Trapped inside the wreckage, Gail King is crying and calling out for help for her companion rather than herself. Her companion is unconscious. A Fireman calls out to Gail. Hi, I'm Steve, It's Okay! You'll be fine. We'll get you out of there" It takes firefighters at least twenty minutes to extract Gail King and her companion from the wrecked limousine. She repeats to a paramedic on the way to the hospital, "Tell Oprah I'll always be with her". Gail King does not survive to trip to the Hospital, the other woman is in critical condition, but expected to recover. Oprah Winfrey is a key person at an event to which they were headed. Oprah is wearing a lovely satiny gown, I am not good at describing colors but the gown seems to be a grey color but not quite grey and diamond necklace, and is anxious as she feels something has happened to Gail.

Oprah finds out what happened over an hour after the accident. But it is too late to say goodbye to her dearest friend Gail King. I don't know the exact date but the paramedics are wearing light weight jackets. It may be September to October if this vision does occur in Chicago. It is already dark out at the time of the accident. It could be in mid winter in Los Angeles as the sun was down . I can see the paramedics clearly and they are not sweating. Since I was given a direct priority order from my mentor and guardian. the Soul of Nostradamus. to publish this quickly, I'm assuming that this tragic accident happens this year in 2008 or early 2009. Oprah WILL have a feeling the day of the event of a car crash, but tries to put it out of her mind. She needs to believe that psychic feeling and prevent this from happening.

After the wreck is examined a day or two later, a diamond necklace is discovered in the wrecked limousine and given to Oprah. This is the necklace Gail had been wearing at the time of the accident. The necklace is a gold chain with a small unpretentious diamond pendant, perhaps heart shaped, I noticed it in the psychic visions but Oprah keeps her hand around it constantly. Oprah begins to wear this necklace nearly 24 hours a day, still holding it constantly, as she slips into seclusion. The great queen's empire begins to drift as the anchor is now lost, as Oprah's soul drifts into unending mourning.

Oprah's retreat from the world causes great sadness for her faithful viewers and fans. Her empire begins to weaken and fall apart as she loses the will to manage it.
Oprah's great gift to help and inspire others becomes lost to the world.

The Soul and Spirit of Nostradamus is well acquainted with Oprah's guiding soul, and wishes to protect this "Finest of all Woman on Earth from disaster".

I have revealed her every detail of the psychic vision that I can remember. I'm hoping with this information will be enough so that someone might recognize the evening or the situation and stop it from happening.

My Prediction is True and Sincere,
John Le Sainte

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