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Friday, June 6, 2008

Nostradamus Predictions: Greatest Gold Discovery in History

Nostradamus Predictions of Great Gold Discovery in Greenland.

Nostradamus made a promise to the world nearly 500 years ago. To return on the 500th anniversary of his birth to bring thousands of new psychic warnings and prophecies to our troubled world. Nostradamus first appeared to me, psychic John Le Sainte, in December of 2003. Each night, Nostradamus guides me into the future to show me the excitement and danger that awaits us all.

The great glaciers of Greenland will melt rapidly over the next decade, exposing remnants of a long ago civilization. The most interesting artifacts are made from Gold. This intrigue the discovers to locate the source. The glaciers that have scoured the landscape for 12,000 years , now melted, have left massive fissures filled with gold. Like a ridged water mining pan. The glaciers gleaned the gold from the surface soil and earth and it naturally deposited along the paths of the now melted glaciers.

Greenland will become the Saudi Arabia of Gold Production. The richest mines ever found are under these melting glaciers.

Greenland Reveals a Great Mine,
Covered for Millenniums By Snowy Ice.
Ancient Civilization Evidence a Sign,
Largest Gold Discovery to Entice.

Greenland will become one of the most prosperous countries on Earth, however, they country needs to take steps now to insure a portion of the gold funds is used to develop the infrastructure of the country. The population of Greenland will triple in five short years.

Two major outcropping of Natural Diamonds will be found that rival the brilliance of those found in South Africa. These outcroppings of spectacular diamonds will be found in two vents of a long extinct volcano. Greenland hides great natural resources yet undiscovered under sheets of now vanishing Ice.

The Golden Artifacts lead Scientists to believe that Atlantis may have been Greenland.

Continent Reclaimed from Ice,
Civilization Scrubbed Nearly Clean.
Great Atlantis the questions entice,
Artifacts still exist to Glean.

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