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Friday, June 6, 2008

Nostradamus Predictions: Taiwan Earthquake China Becomes the Rescuer

Nostradamus Predictions of a Massive Series of Earthquakes in Taiwan and how it brings China into a closer productive relationship with Taiwan.

The True Spirit and Sole of Nostradamus shows me the future each night. Nostradamus guides me into the future and together we view psychic visions of the future dangers and triumphs for mankind. This prediction for the future cooperation of China and Taiwan is based upon several psychic visions as shown and guided by the Soul of Nostradamus.

The island nation of Taiwan has been a long standing thorn in the side of China. For years tensions have grown over the desired annexation by China of Taiwan, possibly by Military force. During the Olympics in China, Taiwan felt quite safe from military force by China. However, not long after the Olympics a great series of Damaging Earthquakes will strike Taiwan and cause damage to large cities on a scale never seen in the Modern history of the world.

The government of China has the immediate opportunity to seize this nation, but does not! China extends an immense amount of aid in the form of Money, Manpower and Machinery to help save tens of thousands of people from the rubble. Japanese and American Earthquake rescue teams work together with the Chinese rescue teams, not as enemies but as the greatest heros in the worst situation.

Over 250,000 people will lose their lives in this great disaster. Rather than seizing the opportunity to swallow up Taiwan as the world fears, China extends the hand of a neighbor. Many nations send aid, but China takes charge of Search and Rescue operations and pours in millions of dollars in aid, food, emergency water. China opens it's hospitals to thousands of the seriously injured Taiwanese victims. The Chinese rescue teams save the lives of tens of thousands of grateful Taiwanese. This gratefulness and trust extends into the future as China forms financial alliances of hundreds of Billions of Dollars to help rebuild a devastated nation.
The Investment helps the economies of many world nations as companies from the USA, Japan, Germany, France, Italy, Australia now have billions of dollars worth of jobs that contribute to rebuilding Taiwan. The cooperation builds a trust that brings the two brother nations closer together to what looks like an eventual reunion in the future. A note I must mention. The Rebuilding of Taiwan causes the Price of many raw materials to skyrocket on the world open market particularly copper, aluminum and steel. This reinvigorates the stagnant and dying metals fabrication industries all over the world.

Taiwan has been fiercely independent from the grasp of China for decades. This prediction was based upon many visions. In many ways, the businesses and economic leadership of Taiwan helped in many ways to make China the financial and manufacturing power it is today. This established base of strength will rebuild Taiwan to greater power than ever in the past. The new association with China is not a take over, but is referred to as similar in scope to the relationship with Hong Kong.

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