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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Nostradamus Predictions by Psychic John Le Sainte

The Soul of Nostradamus guides new each night, showing new the future. Nostradamus helps me, psychic John Le Sainte, create the new Psychic Prophesies in the form of quatrains. Please read and consider the future.

The quatrains are numbers in the form of "Centuries". Nearly 500 years ago when Nostradamus was writing his now VERY famous and accurate predictions, he arranged them into groups of 100 called Centuries. They are not in any particular date order. I wrote down the visions after they had been shown to me by the true spirit and Soul of Nostradamus. What you will read next are the very first two predictions, written by John Le Sainte as guided by Nostradamus.

So Begins the first new Century.

500 years I have slept,
A Vessel of Blood pure awaited.
Soul of Curiosity safely kept,
A waiting World's questions sated.

A Bowl of Fire shall boil over,The demons In a rising land.
With Fire and Ash thrown asunder,
A World will be veiled by a grey hand.

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