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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Nostradamus Speaks to me, John Le Sainte, about his life in the Montpellier Medical University in France

Nostradamus speaks to me, John Le Sainte, in my psychic dreams each night. He often speaks of his life in France in the Sixteenth Century. Nostradamus has observed the ages since his death and wishes that some details be revealed. Michel Nostradamus is quite upset that the biographers have been so inaccurate.

The true events of the life Nostradamus describes to me each night, almost have a modern soap opera quality about them. The greatest factor regarding the life of Nostradamus, and southern France for that matter, was the WEATHER! Nostradamus has explained to me in great detail how the weather and climate change at the time affected southern France during his lifetime. He blames the wet, cool weather years of poor grain harvests and famine on the spread of plague.

Nostradamus has spoken endlessly of his studies at Montpellier Medical University. At first, his application was in limbo, but admits that his family bought his way in. This grand school often rejected students that had practiced the arts of Apothecary. At the time, practitioners of Apothecary were viewed in a similar manner to way some people view the Holistic healers of today.

The Soul of Michel Nostradamus has explained to me during his nightly psychic visitations that there was a great debate within the Administrative Committee of the Montpellier University of Medicine as to whether his application for admission would be allowed. Michel de Nostradame was acclaimed for his work curtailing the "Black Death" plague outbreak in Bordeaux some time earlier. Also, the application had been submitted during the great famine years of 1526-1531 affecting the Languedoc region, particularly in the area of Montpellier. The 1526 harvest was poor and barely adequate. The 1527 growing season was a complete disaster, basically a total loss. The wet, damp and rainy weather caused all the crops to rot in the fields. (Years were actually long remembered by the crop yields). All the grain for basic survival needed to be imported from overseas at enormous cost, ( and Profit) to the savvy importers. The cost of basic food grain was now more than 3 Livres per measure? for the peasants.

The price of Wheat and other Grains reached incredible levels as scarcity and hoarding ensued. Michel De Nostradame did bring one very beneficial qualification to the University at Montpellier. His Father and two of his uncles were in the grain speculating and importing business. Nostradamus admitted to me on several occasions that his father and uncles were "Scalpers" of sorts and gave the family a reputation at the time of greed. The family wheat dealing business had already been rooted in the Montpellier / Languedoc region with ties to an well connected corrupt Abbot named D'Anianne? ( uncertain of spelling). The exportation of Wheat from Languedoc had long been banned due to the persistent cycle of famine, however the Abbot working with the elder Nostradamus Family members smuggled out wheat which was sold in other regions at a handsome profit. These activities, coupled with the Jewish heritage of the Nostradamus Family, were potentially life threatening during times of famine. So dangerous was the situation that Nostradamus had been using the name "Petrus de St. Remy" or "Pierre de St. Remy" for several years, when he traveled, as a cover to avoid the contempt that his family was rapidly garnering with their unsavory business practices and growing wealth.

In exchange for the unquestioned enrollment of Nostradamus, the family promised adequate food stocks for the university at a substantial savings, including an initial "Dowry" shipment of fresh quality imported wheat. The staff looked the other way and quietly allowed the admission.

The students already enrolled at Montpellier were furious at this action. They had a very active organization within the school with it's own electoral system. Nostradamus, the Apothecary, virtually considered a witch doctor, now had gained admittance to the school on a bribe. The Administration of the School only discussed the matter behind closed doors. The food was necessary to feed the students and local workers. ( Not ALL the grain went into the schools storehouse. Some 50% seemed to disappear "Out the back door", notes Michel!)

The Student council of "Mende" ( uncertain of spelling), "Shrouded Nostradamus" just like in the "Paper Chase" movie, claiming that he was dead to them. One such student wrote the rejection into the schools ledgers as a statement of their contempt for this Apothecary. Nostradamus did not become very involved with many school functions due to his "Outcast" status and the fact that he was a few years older than many of the students. He did have several low key friends, but did not really forge lifelong relations with anyone at the school.

Many suspected that Nostradamus was great friends with the Famous French writer Rabelais, but he was not. Rabelais came to Montpellier later and became a very loyal, and vocal, member of the student union and only knew Nostradamus in passing as a student. Rabelais was one of the key members of the students union of "Mende" and oversaw many of it's functions. Rabelais also was a known carouser and Nostradamus was not. Rabelais liked to drink to excess and frequent the area prostitutes. Whenever 16th century French history is described, the writers failed to realize the deep troubles of the late 1520's and early 1530's in the Montpellier region. The massive crop failures lead to starvation, joblessness and roaming hoards of traveling vagrants and prostitutes. These prostitutes quickly set up shop in the student filled town of Montpellier on the "Hot Roads". Rabelais as well as many other students could afford the one or two sous cost. Nostradamus insisted to me, in one of my nightly visitations, to never have been tempted by the prostitutes charms due to his perceived danger of venereal type diseases. Nostradamus laughed as he related to me an old trick that the Prostitutes used to lure in customers. They would grab off a passing man's hat and run inside their apartment with it. Thus the men needed to run inside to get the hat back. He also noted with "Raised Eyebrows" that the Catholic Clergy seemed to be very susceptible to the same diseases as the men that frequented the prostitutes.

The famine soon brought the plague to the area of Montpellier.

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