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Monday, June 30, 2008

Nostradamus Predictions of the Future of Transportation as Revealed by John Le Sainte

Nostradamus Predictions of the future of the common automobile transportation of the world.

Nostradamus made a promise nearly 5 centuries ago to return on the 500th Anniversary of his birth with new predictions and prophecies for the future of our world. The true soul and Spirit of Nostradamus wandered the Earth awaiting his true heir to his gifts of prophecy.

I am John Le Sainte. Nostradamus first appeared to be in Late december 2003. Each night the Spirit of Nostradamus guides me into the future and shows me events to help me warn and advise the world of today.

I have had many emails with questions about the future of transportation. It seems that the price of fuel is worrying many people today.

On my many psychic visions of the future guided by the true soul and spirit of Nostradamus I have seen a revolution in Automobile Technology. The change is just taking hold in the world now for Hybrid type cars using gasoline and electric power.

However, the technology that becomes the dominant force is combination Electricity/Hydrogen Cars. This is how the technology works. Each automobile is plugged in at night to recharge the batteries when the power grid experiences it's weakest demand. Each night you must add distilled water to an onboard tank. While the car batteries recharge and system converts the water into hydrogen which is slowly stored in a tank.

After several hours the car is fully recharged and the hydrogen tank is full. The electric power is used for slow speeds in around the town traffic or at high highway speeds. The acceleration to get up to Highway speeds is provided by the hydrogen.

Basically, the automobiles run purely on electric power to recharge the batteries and replenish the hydrogen. The cars and small SUV's will have a traveling range in excess of 200 miles per recharge. If the batteries begin to run low, the hydrogen engine can kick it to recharge the batteries. If the hydrogen supply is low, you can stop at a re-fueling station to purchase a hydrogen refill. The on board car batteries can produce hydrogen, but it puts quite a drain on the power supply if the car is not "Plugged" into the grid.

Many new cars, especially the small SUV's and Station wagons will have roofs and hoods that are large photovoltaic cells that recharge the batteries during the day while you are parked outside at work or in a mall parking lot. People that only need to drive 10-30 miles per day will never need to plug into a power grid as long as they park outside in the sunshine.

This transition causes GREAT financial stress on many Governments around the world that rely on Tax Revenue from the sales of Gasoline and Diesel Fuel. The Fossil fuels will still be used for Airlines, Ocean Shipping and other similar uses, but the auto industry changeover with massive consumer acceptance reduces the pressure on the fuel industry.

Even today, The world governments are under tremendous strain due to the rising cost of fuel for the various government agencies and the military, and the citizens being forced to drive less. The reduced driving is lost tax revenue on fuel sales.

The Battery Storage Systems in Cars have a radical new design from that of today, which I am undecided if I should reveal the method of operation. To know the future and reveal certain details may cause a paradox, altering the future. I have seen a VERY economical and useful battery system for automobiles that becomes very successful and cheap. I have seen the complete details and am surprised that it was not adopted twenty years ago!

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John Le Sainte

Monday, June 23, 2008

Secret Key to Unlocking Previous Nostradamus Predictions Revealed

Nostradamus Predictions have fascinated the world for nearly 5 Centuries. I am John Le Sainte, The true Spirit and Soul of Nostradamus visit's me each night and shares with me new psychic visions of the future.

I have received thousands of emails with specific requests for the future. A great many of my readers have asked about the true meanings of the original quatrains. I will be explaining the meanings over the coming months as many of these Visions of the Future by the Great Seer Nostradamus have come true.

The true soul and spirit of Nostradamus has spoken to me endlessly about his true meanings and how they were hidden in code. There is a key to unlocking many of the secrets which I reveal to the World, NOW.

The predictions had an Important basis in Flags and Heraldry. In the 16th Century, the use of Flags to symbolize a specific City, Area, Kingdom, Church, Township or Family was commonplace. The military utilized hundreds of different flags in the continent of Europe over the past 5 centuries. The psychic visions that Nostradamus recorded so long ago in France were through the eyes of Participants. It was very rare to see or hear an exact date spoken. As Nostradamus guides me into the future, I experience the same lack of ability to spot a date.

However, even in the heat of battle, a flag may be spotted in the vision to indicate the Army, Location or specific military campaign. The researchers that have painstackingly studied the psychic quatrains of Nostradamus these past several centuries have neglected this Most important key. The flags and banners held the important images of Creatures, Patterns and Colors so often described in the quatrains. For centuries, countries have had a multitude of Flags used to represent different rulers or government change. Opposing Armies often had a specific Flag for EACH regiment, for each Battle, For each different war.

Look to the flags for many of the answers.

I have several notebooks of the true meanings of hundreds of the past quatrains which I will begin to share soon. Most of the predictions have already come to pass long ago.

Please read the previous posts to discover how I, John Le Sainte, have been chosen by the Spirit of Nostradamus to create new predictions of our future, to protect you, your family and the world from coming dangers.

John Le Sainte

Image © John O'Neill, Image of Flags for Nostradamus Predictions Wikipedia

Friday, June 13, 2008

Nostradamus Predictions; Cause of Autism Explained from Future Visions by John Le Sainte

Nostradamus Prediction Describing a Cause of Autism as seen in a vision several years into the future involving DNA.

The True Spirit and Soul of Nostradaus Guides me into the future to see psychic visions of what it yet to be. I am John Le Sainte. Nostradamus had made a promise nearly 500 years ago to return to the world on the 500th anniverary of his birth, with new predictions, to help guide our tumultuous world, and to protect and help the people of today.

Each Night, Nostradamus show me the future and together were share new prophecies and predictions to protect you, your family and the world from danger.

I have had over 30 e-mails requesting if I had seen into the future and discovered why Autism is becoming epidemic now. Yes, I have. This is what I know from the visions as guided by my guardian and teacher Nostradamus.

An interesting fact will become known in the future. A great many people born in the world today are "Chimera Persons". To be a chimera means that when you were conceived, Two eggs were fertilized that stuck together before being implanted in the uterus wall of the mother. These cells did not create a set of fraternal twins, but rather a single person with two distinct DNA sets depending upon the location of the cells within the body.

Required Testing of baby DNA for Paternity sealed,
An unexpected result is seen in many persons tested.
Chimera persons beings two in one body revealed,
A Golden Test of truth loses it's power long vested.

The Birth of Chimera Persons has happened since the dawn of time and will be discovered to be the cause of many health and medical problems. The problem of the "Sticking together of the Fertilized eggs will be attributed to the use of Growth Hormones in Food animal stocks. These hormones will be shown to cause children to mature at a faster pace AND in woman, to cause the multiple release of "Sticky" eggs that become the Chimera Person.

Many people within the same family share physical attribute such as Blood Type Height Weight etc. So, as families typically make a perfect donor organ match without fear or rejection, so the Chimera individuals grow and mature as one "Person". They will be shown to have slightly different physical characteristics, such as one leg slightly longer than the other, or a face that is not quite symmetrical but barely noticeable. Hair with natural streaks of color, Eyes of different or mixed colors, Teeth requiring braces,

Women predisposed to conceiving Chimera children will have frequent miscarriages as there may be a genetic conflict in the fetus from the chimera growth of two different individuals as one. The common occurance of Chimeras will be discovered as states begin to preform mandatory genetic testing on all newborn children to determine true parentage.

The two embryos that form the single person may result in the upper part of the body having one DNA code and the bottom another. The code many be randomly dispersed throughout the body. This will put the courts use of DNA into question as the mouth cells may have a different DNA than the semen cells.

Police investigations for years have been excluding the true perpetrators of crimes from investigation because they failed to examine multiple body sources of potentially different DNA. It will be determined that a proportion of Homosexual persons will be actually Chimera people, the result of two different DNA profiles, one Male and One Female.

Many children with Autism will be determined to possess more than one DNA profile, sometimes as many as 4 different DNA sets, causing the birth of an autistic child. Autism is becoming more common as Meat production has shifted to Hormone laden processes, encouraging the release of Multiple "Sticky" Eggs, contributing to the birth of autistic Children. Some woman being much more susceptible to the hormones causing Sticky eggs thus leading to increased birth of autistic children within the same families. Not all autism will be determined to be caused by this factor, but it will be a substantial percentage.

Not all chimera People will be autistic, but many Autistic people will be determined to be Chimeras. Often the secondary DNA that causes the autism will be located mostly within the brain and nervous tissue.

This is the best explanation that I, John Le Sainte, can give from my Psychic Visions of the future as guided by the true Soul and Spirit of Nostradamus. I am unskilled in medicine, but this is the basic simple explanation of what I heard in a psychic vision.

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John Le Sainte

Image by Leonardo Di Vinci for Nostradamus Prediction Future Feature, Wikipedia

Nostradamus Prediction: Chlorine Chemical Explosion in New York City Area or New Jersey

Nostradamus Prediction of a Chemical Explosion releasing Dangerous Chlorine to the New York City or New Jersey Area.

Michel Nostradamus is the most famous Prophet and Seer of the past 1000 Years. For Nearly 5 Centuries the Quatrains of great Psychic Nostradamus have never stopped fascinating each new generation of Readers. Nostradamus Had predicted nearly five centuries ago that his Predictions and Prophecies would me more popular today than during his time in 16th century France.

Nostradamus had made a Promise to return in 500 years on the anniversary of his birth with new predictions for our troubled and complex world. Nostradamus first appeared to me, John Le Sainte, in December 2003, and Together we have shared new Psychic Visions of the Future to come.

I first saw this vision in 2005 of a Serious Chemical Explosion directly next to a highway in New York City or New Jersey. A manufacturer has stored a large quatity of Chorline with it uses in it's facility. The building housing the Chloine is DIRECTLY next to the elevated highway.

A serious vehical accident sends debris raining down upon the structure just feet from the Highway causing a fire and subsequent explosion of a Great Quantity of Deadly Chlorine gas.

Many People are killed or permanently injured by exposure to the gasses streaming out of the building. Tens of Thousands of People will be evacuated from Homes and Businesses directly in the path of the deadly fumes. The fire is so dangerous that it burns and smolders for several days before finally being extinguished. The disruption to traffic is monumental as over 100 miles of vital highways are closed to the public due to the dangerous fumes.

A Great Quantity of Chlorine Stored in wait,
By Highway an Unfortunate Accident Ignites.
A rain of Poison upon a populace is great,
Deadly Fires burn unabated for many nights.

I have personally traveled through the New York City and New Jersey Areas. It looks like so much of those areas, that I can't pinpoint the location. The psychic visions as shared with Nostradamus are through the eyes of bystanders and onlookers. I could see no obvious Highway sign or date anywhere.

This Business must be pinpointed and the toxin Chlorine be moved AWAY from the highway. I publish these Prophecies as guided by the true Soul and Spirit of Nostradamus. The building was a Concrete/Brick structure with a flat roof DIRECTLY next to the travel path of the highway. My best feeling about the location would be as you approach Brooklyn or the Bronx, but I have not spotted the structure in years of trying to find it. I may try to post a crude drawing of the building and the location in relation to the highway.

Perhaps this message will reach a person who works in this building or is a supplier of the chlorine material that will recognize the structure or the company. This Chemical disaster causes death and hardship for dozens of innocent people. It's a tragedy that I hope to stop.

Perhaps the EPA or OSHA has a mandatory list of Companies in that area that might have a stockpile of the Chlorine material and can compare the address to my description. I don't know how to access any information like that. The material is stored literally 20 feet from the roadway which is elevated compared to the structure. The Chlorine is stored in the area directly next to the highway.

If anyone has an idea of a photo of a company that they believe may be the one, please send it to me on this site! I will be posting Hundreds of Nostradamus Psychic Guided visions as shown to me, John Le Sainte in the coming weeks, Please Subscribe to my feed.

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John Le Sainte
Image of Bronx Courtesy of, and © David Shankbone for Nostradamus Feature, Wikipedia

Nostradamus Predictions; Great Fire Danger for Australia, the complete Prophecy Explained by John Le Sainte.

Nostradamus make a promise nearly 500 years ago, to return on the 500th anniversary of his birth with new predictions for our troubled world. The True Soul and Spirit of Nostradamus first appeared to me, John Le Sainte, in December 2003. Each night Nostradamus guides me into the future to see psychic visions of dangers and teaches me his secrets of Prophecy.

I share these psychic visions with you, my reader, as Nostradamus had nearly 5 centuries before. This Vision is of Australia in just a few short years.

There will be several years of great rainfall to the point of flooding in normally arid areas of Australia. The plants and shrubs out on the plains and in the deserts will grow out of control in these perfect conditions. These excessive growth sets the stage for disaster.

Ice in the Sky Sends Lightning Down,
Australia with Thousands of Fires.
Storm 1,000 miles touching each town,
Flood Grown foliage feeding the Pyres.

There will be an extremely dry year of drought, little rainfall and excessive heat in one year after the years of great excess of rain and mild temperatures. The lush growth of plants, shrubs and foliage will dry out and cause a catastrophic fire danger. Lightning strikes spread across Australia carried by clouds with no rain. The clouds will hail, but the extreme dry conditions with the accompanying heat, will actually evaporate the hail before it even reaches the ground.

These conditions will cause a Firestorm over 1,000 miles wide, ( over 2,200 kilometres wide) across Austrailia causing immense damage and loss to remote towns and farms. The high winds will drive the fires forward at astounding speeds. Burning embers will be carried by the winds to hundreds of faraway towns and cities.

I have been shown this psychic vision of the future by the True Spirit and Soul of Nostradamus several times. It will be the greatest Disaster to ever befall Australia in it's modern, known history. I truly believe that it will happen within the next ten years and I have no advice to offer on how to prevent or prepare for this disaster.

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John Le Sainte

Image for Nostradamus Australia Feature Wikipedia

Monday, June 9, 2008

Nostradamus Predictions: Colosseum of Rome Italy Will Be Destroyed by Earthquakes

Nostradamus Predictions of Destruction by Earthquake for the Colosseum of Rome

Nostradamus was the most accurate and gifted psychic the World has seen in the past 1,000 years. The many books written by the Great Seer Nostradamus have never been out of print in the past 5 centuries. Nostradamus made a promise nearly Five Centuries ago. To return in 500 years with new predictions for our Future. The True Spirit and Soul of Nostradamus appeared to me, John Le Sainte, in 2003. Nostradamus explained that I was long ago chosen as the one true heir to his gifts of Prophecy. Each Night, Nostradamus guides me into the future and together were create new psychic predictions as four line poems known as Quatrains.

I, John Le Sainte, share these new psychic Nostradamus predictions with my readers here. Many are explained in detail in order to help protect you, your family and the world from dangers coming to our world in the near future.

The Great Colosseum of Rome shall be destroyed by a series of three earthquakes. While many parts of Rome are damaged, the earthquakes seen in the visions are not massively damaging to the city of Rome. The greatest damage is to several hundred Brick and Mortar buildings of which a few dozen collapse and many facades fall off into the streets. The major damage will be to the great Colosseum of Rome.

Ancient Colosseum meets a violent end,
As it lived in Roman times of yore.
Three strong tremblers will send,
Arches and stones upon the ground shall pour.

The damage to this fragile structure, which has stood for many centuries, may only be described as nearly total. The distinctive outer wall and viewing platforms completely collapse and the rooms underneath the center area of the Colosseum crumble into dust. The highest point of the remaining outer structure will be less than two stories tall.

It will be decided to build a replica of the walls as they stood before the Earthquakes destruction, with as much of the original structure that may be salvaged. The portion rebuilt to look like the current ruins shall be decided to serve the purpose of a working outdoor amphitheatre and museum. As much of the remaining structure will be salvaged as best as can be done with blocks that broke apart in the fall.

Ancient Colosseum meets a violent end,
As it lived in Roman times of yore.
Three strong tremblers will send,
Arches and stones upon the ground shall pour.

As to date, unknown. The visions are of the earthquake, as the destruction occurs, through the eyes of bystanders who are focused upon the collapsing walls. A separate later vision, as shown to me by Nostradamus, shows a rededication ceremony with plans to rebuild a portion of the structure. Likely within the next 15 years due to the clothing and vehicles.

John Le Sainte.

Image ©Dilith for the Colosseum of Rome Collapse Nostradamus Prediction Feature Wikipedia

Nostradamus Predictions: Europe Power Failure During Record Heat Wave

Nostradamus predictions of a record Heat Wave to strike Northern Europe cutting electricity service to millions due to overwhelming demand and faulty power transmission lines.

The Great Sixteenth Century Psychic Seer Nostradamus is my guardian spirit from the Past. Nostradamus made a promise nearly five centuries ago, to return on the 500th anniversary of his birth to bring new predictions to help our troubled world. Each night the True Soul and Spirit of Nostradamus guides me, psychic John Le Sainte into the future, and together we create new predictions and prophecies to warn and protect You, You Family and the World from Danger.

A great Heat wave, A Storm of Heat, will strike Europe causing MANY Hundreds of thousands of families across the continent to lose their Electrical Power Service to Homes, offices and Hospitals. Many thousands of Lives will be lost due to the lack of Air Conditioning.

Storm of Heat within Decade,
London, Paris, Berlin Power Dies.
Die is Cast, Faulty Lines Laid,
The Bell Tolls the thousands as World Cries.

The Quatrain written based upon psychic visions of the future as shown to me by Nostradamus states that this will happen within a decade, but I believe to comes much sooner. Possibly this summer, in the next three months. In my visions, as shown to me by the True Soul and Spirit of Nostradamus, I rarely see a date. Unless I hear a date spoken or see a calendar or spot a newspaper, I need to guess an approximate time in the future by the appearance of the cars or what the people are wearing. Europe is the most difficult for me to approximate the date as I'm unfamiliar with the car models and fashions.

The Region of Paris and the surrounding suburbs will experience a cascading loss of power due to a faulty underground cable south of Paris that sets off a chain reaction. The underground enclosure catches on Fire and burns several important cables. It takes hours to extinguish and cool the blaze before workers can enter to repair the damage. Hundreds die in Paris and the area due to the heat. France will experience widespread power outages at this time.

A hospital back up system in Germany, Deutschland, will fail for several hours due to the demand placed upon it as the system switches to emergency backup generators with the excessive burden of the air conditioning being on at full capacity at the moment of the automatic changeover. The Hospital's backup generator failure causes a power surge through the system that damages sensitive electrical medical support devices. Twelve patients will die as vital life support systems are cut off. I can't see the name of the hospital in the vision but It does not seem to be built in the past fifty years. It is a very neat and well kept building, but has design elements that lead me to believe it may have been first constructed in the 1970's and expanded and updated in the late 1990's. Just plan ahead for this to happen and have a backup for the backup generator during a week of record heat. Check to be certain that proper power surge protection devices are on all vital equipment AND are functioning correctly. I have looked at images of Hospitals in Germany on the Internet but haven't spotted it.

Similar deadly Power outages afflict the UK in the London area, Portugal, Spain, Belgium, Denmark during this most deadly "Storm of Heat".

I will add more details to this Nostradamus psychic Prediction and Prophecy of the future from my notes. I'll try to give every possible detail so that the mass outages may be prevented or made less deadly by prevention of the underlying causes in each country and city.

John Le Sainte.