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Friday, June 13, 2008

Nostradamus Prediction: Chlorine Chemical Explosion in New York City Area or New Jersey

Nostradamus Prediction of a Chemical Explosion releasing Dangerous Chlorine to the New York City or New Jersey Area.

Michel Nostradamus is the most famous Prophet and Seer of the past 1000 Years. For Nearly 5 Centuries the Quatrains of great Psychic Nostradamus have never stopped fascinating each new generation of Readers. Nostradamus Had predicted nearly five centuries ago that his Predictions and Prophecies would me more popular today than during his time in 16th century France.

Nostradamus had made a Promise to return in 500 years on the anniversary of his birth with new predictions for our troubled and complex world. Nostradamus first appeared to me, John Le Sainte, in December 2003, and Together we have shared new Psychic Visions of the Future to come.

I first saw this vision in 2005 of a Serious Chemical Explosion directly next to a highway in New York City or New Jersey. A manufacturer has stored a large quatity of Chorline with it uses in it's facility. The building housing the Chloine is DIRECTLY next to the elevated highway.

A serious vehical accident sends debris raining down upon the structure just feet from the Highway causing a fire and subsequent explosion of a Great Quantity of Deadly Chlorine gas.

Many People are killed or permanently injured by exposure to the gasses streaming out of the building. Tens of Thousands of People will be evacuated from Homes and Businesses directly in the path of the deadly fumes. The fire is so dangerous that it burns and smolders for several days before finally being extinguished. The disruption to traffic is monumental as over 100 miles of vital highways are closed to the public due to the dangerous fumes.

A Great Quantity of Chlorine Stored in wait,
By Highway an Unfortunate Accident Ignites.
A rain of Poison upon a populace is great,
Deadly Fires burn unabated for many nights.

I have personally traveled through the New York City and New Jersey Areas. It looks like so much of those areas, that I can't pinpoint the location. The psychic visions as shared with Nostradamus are through the eyes of bystanders and onlookers. I could see no obvious Highway sign or date anywhere.

This Business must be pinpointed and the toxin Chlorine be moved AWAY from the highway. I publish these Prophecies as guided by the true Soul and Spirit of Nostradamus. The building was a Concrete/Brick structure with a flat roof DIRECTLY next to the travel path of the highway. My best feeling about the location would be as you approach Brooklyn or the Bronx, but I have not spotted the structure in years of trying to find it. I may try to post a crude drawing of the building and the location in relation to the highway.

Perhaps this message will reach a person who works in this building or is a supplier of the chlorine material that will recognize the structure or the company. This Chemical disaster causes death and hardship for dozens of innocent people. It's a tragedy that I hope to stop.

Perhaps the EPA or OSHA has a mandatory list of Companies in that area that might have a stockpile of the Chlorine material and can compare the address to my description. I don't know how to access any information like that. The material is stored literally 20 feet from the roadway which is elevated compared to the structure. The Chlorine is stored in the area directly next to the highway.

If anyone has an idea of a photo of a company that they believe may be the one, please send it to me on this site! I will be posting Hundreds of Nostradamus Psychic Guided visions as shown to me, John Le Sainte in the coming weeks, Please Subscribe to my feed.

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John Le Sainte
Image of Bronx Courtesy of, and © David Shankbone for Nostradamus Feature, Wikipedia


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