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Friday, June 13, 2008

Nostradamus Predictions; Cause of Autism Explained from Future Visions by John Le Sainte

Nostradamus Prediction Describing a Cause of Autism as seen in a vision several years into the future involving DNA.

The True Spirit and Soul of Nostradaus Guides me into the future to see psychic visions of what it yet to be. I am John Le Sainte. Nostradamus had made a promise nearly 500 years ago to return to the world on the 500th anniverary of his birth, with new predictions, to help guide our tumultuous world, and to protect and help the people of today.

Each Night, Nostradamus show me the future and together were share new prophecies and predictions to protect you, your family and the world from danger.

I have had over 30 e-mails requesting if I had seen into the future and discovered why Autism is becoming epidemic now. Yes, I have. This is what I know from the visions as guided by my guardian and teacher Nostradamus.

An interesting fact will become known in the future. A great many people born in the world today are "Chimera Persons". To be a chimera means that when you were conceived, Two eggs were fertilized that stuck together before being implanted in the uterus wall of the mother. These cells did not create a set of fraternal twins, but rather a single person with two distinct DNA sets depending upon the location of the cells within the body.

Required Testing of baby DNA for Paternity sealed,
An unexpected result is seen in many persons tested.
Chimera persons beings two in one body revealed,
A Golden Test of truth loses it's power long vested.

The Birth of Chimera Persons has happened since the dawn of time and will be discovered to be the cause of many health and medical problems. The problem of the "Sticking together of the Fertilized eggs will be attributed to the use of Growth Hormones in Food animal stocks. These hormones will be shown to cause children to mature at a faster pace AND in woman, to cause the multiple release of "Sticky" eggs that become the Chimera Person.

Many people within the same family share physical attribute such as Blood Type Height Weight etc. So, as families typically make a perfect donor organ match without fear or rejection, so the Chimera individuals grow and mature as one "Person". They will be shown to have slightly different physical characteristics, such as one leg slightly longer than the other, or a face that is not quite symmetrical but barely noticeable. Hair with natural streaks of color, Eyes of different or mixed colors, Teeth requiring braces,

Women predisposed to conceiving Chimera children will have frequent miscarriages as there may be a genetic conflict in the fetus from the chimera growth of two different individuals as one. The common occurance of Chimeras will be discovered as states begin to preform mandatory genetic testing on all newborn children to determine true parentage.

The two embryos that form the single person may result in the upper part of the body having one DNA code and the bottom another. The code many be randomly dispersed throughout the body. This will put the courts use of DNA into question as the mouth cells may have a different DNA than the semen cells.

Police investigations for years have been excluding the true perpetrators of crimes from investigation because they failed to examine multiple body sources of potentially different DNA. It will be determined that a proportion of Homosexual persons will be actually Chimera people, the result of two different DNA profiles, one Male and One Female.

Many children with Autism will be determined to possess more than one DNA profile, sometimes as many as 4 different DNA sets, causing the birth of an autistic child. Autism is becoming more common as Meat production has shifted to Hormone laden processes, encouraging the release of Multiple "Sticky" Eggs, contributing to the birth of autistic Children. Some woman being much more susceptible to the hormones causing Sticky eggs thus leading to increased birth of autistic children within the same families. Not all autism will be determined to be caused by this factor, but it will be a substantial percentage.

Not all chimera People will be autistic, but many Autistic people will be determined to be Chimeras. Often the secondary DNA that causes the autism will be located mostly within the brain and nervous tissue.

This is the best explanation that I, John Le Sainte, can give from my Psychic Visions of the future as guided by the true Soul and Spirit of Nostradamus. I am unskilled in medicine, but this is the basic simple explanation of what I heard in a psychic vision.

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John Le Sainte

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