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Monday, May 19, 2008

Nostradamus Discusses with me, John Le Sainte the Truth Regarding his Secretary Jean de Chavigny

The True relationship between Jean de Chavigny and Nostradamus has been spoken of several times and Nostradamus would like the truth to be told.

Nostradamus often speaks of his days on Earth in our Nightly Psychic conversations. Since Nostradamus first began to visit my dreams in 2003, I have accumulated enough stories and secrets to fill a dozen Nostradamus Biography books. If you are new to my blog, WELCOME!, but please read the first blog posts going to the present day to understand my relationship with Nostradamus, and why he chose to allow me to experience these Psychic visitations with his Soul and Spirit.

Nostradamus blames the weather on many of his misfortunes suffered during his lifetime. His decline in the late 1540s and 1550s, his need for a secretary and his untimely death. I had done some research on the life and death of Nostradamus independently. Many of these published accounts blame gout, dropsy and Heart Failure. So I questioned how the weather was the true culprit, and how could all of these biographies be wrong?

Nostradamus explains that the weather had turned "Sour" during his lifetime. As a Youth spending time in Avignon and St. Remy, there were many more favorable sun filled mild days.
But as the years passed, the weather grew colder and damper. The grain crops rotted in the fields during many growing seasons causing widespread famine. However, wine production never was hampered significantly by the weather and there never was a shortage of it. The Quality of the wine DID suffer dramatically. The lack of favorable sun filled days to create sweetness in the grapes resulted in wine of a soured taste.

The Romans had passed down a recipe for centuries of preserving and sweetening wine with Sapa. The sweetening agent being the heavy metal lead. It had fallen from use over the centuries, but was first rediscovered by unscrupulous wine merchants to sweet casks of fouled wine.

Sapa was made by boiling the grape juice in a leaden or lead lined Copper pot. The lead would slowly leach into the acidic grape juice imparting a very agreeable sweet flavor. So, as the centuries passed and wine grew more sour from the lack of abundant sunshine, Sapa was added in increased quantities.

Nostradamus explained that "We knew that lead was poisonous in large doses or very constant exposure, but we did not realize the damage that it caused the human body." As Nostradamus aged, he began to drink more wine, particularly on his long trips across the countryside later in life. It was dangerous to drink the foul water offered in many small villages and inns. Wine was always preferred to avoid the illnesses brought by poor water. The small innkeepers "Aubergeres"?? often served wine from a very large cast or barrel that was sealed simply with a rag. The wine would turn to vinegar quickly without the addition of Sapa or Litharge, some sort of lead dust compound to keep it fresh and make it sweeter.

"My great attack of gout in Paris, I know now, was brought on by the lead laced wine that I consumed in the many previous traveling days". "I had seen the other symptoms that I shared with many others for years. I began to have the blue line upon my gums and I lost much strength in my extremities, particularly my hands and wrists." Nostradamus now knows looking back upon his life that the vile affliction he had long suffered of Saturnine Gout was caused by Lead in the wines. "It was not until my latest years in life did I realize that my afflictions were shared by the longtime typesetters at the book publishing houses that I would frequent." "The Typesetters often would lick their fingers to dampen then to pick up the small bits of Lead type." Nostradamus had assumed too late that the loss of strength in their hands was possibly from the excessive lead.

This lead poisoning suffered by Nostradamus also was made worse by his "Thirst Disease" as he calls it, but we call it diabetes. These caused Nostradamus to drink far greater quantities as he grew older. He explains now that he knows that his dropsy related edema ( water literally draining from his legs) was caused by kidney failure brought on by the diabetes, but encouraged by the lead poisoning. Today we call this condition congestive heart failure.

Nostradamus blames the bad weather for the frequent use of lead to sweeten the wines. The same lead which he knows now caused his so much pain and anguish in his lifetime. But this story is about about Jean de Chavigny.

Later in life, the demand for Horoscopes to be written by Nostradamus was overwhelming. But most of the time, his lead poisoning caused afflictions made him weak especially in the arms and hands. As he grew older, he admitted that his handwriting deteriorated to a disastrous level due to this lead poisoning. Jean Dorat was especially keen on having his horoscope written and wished to uncover any other secrets that Nostradamus may be sharing. Dorat, having received a totally incomprehensible horoscope reading from Nostradamus offered to send Jean de Chavigny to be his aide and secretary for awhile, at Jean Dorat's expense, so that he might be able to convey understandable horoscopes.

"Jean De Chavigny was not the dear friend and confident that he later professed in books about my work. Jean De Chavigny was a spy, copying every horoscope that was sent and each letter, then forwarding this information to his eager master". "I did not realize what was happening until the very end when I was weak". "I accuse De Chivigny of taking many original printed copies of my work, from my own library". Dorat offered de Chavigny a bounty on any copies of my writings, printed or by my own hand, that he could attain at any cost, allegedly so that he might accumulate a full set for the royal library.

"However, Jean de Chavigny, retained these copies for himself, Almanacs and Books intended to be left in my will to Cesar, my oldest son". "Jean De Chavigny was not satisfied with merely stealing my work to create inferior and inaccurate copies. No, he also created false Sixtains that did not come from my hand." Nostradamus was very upset that these published works by Jean de Chavigny were published as his originals.

I would not have needed the aide of this corrupt person had the foul weather not made necessary the addition of lead to the wine. I had suspected from the beginning that Jean De Chavigny was a spy, but rather for the Inquisition not Jean Dorat, so I did make certain that the most sensitive information remained unknown to him. "Later in Life Jean De Chavigny would speak and write as though we had the most close and friendly relationship. If that is so, why would I leave him out of my will?"

I will post more of Nostradamus' new predictions next. As my Psychic Guide into the future, Nostradamus has shown me many events that I wish to share with the world.

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