Nostradamus Predictions and Prophecies of the Future by Psychic John Le Sainte Translated Here Free

Friday, May 16, 2008

Tree of Life Metaphor that the Psychic Soul of Nostradamus Uses to Describe the Basis of Life.

The visiting Soul of Nostradamus often psychically speaks to me in confusing metaphors and descriptions. His favorite that he refers to time and again is the Tree of Life.

He explains that all life, past and present is like a growing tree. The natural inclination of a growing tree is to bend towards the light ( of God), even if it is rooted in evil. The tree may be shaded by a darkness such as the Inquisition. This causes the tree to wither, losing many of it's vital nourishing leaves. A constant darkness blocking out the light, such as the Papist ideals of the 16th century or some of the similar political actions today, will result in growth that becomes twisted and distorted as the branches seek the far off glimmers of light. Such is true in the Human Soul when society blocks out the nourishing Light.

To bear the finest fruit, every tree needs careful and thoughtful pruning. The warm and nurturing light must not be tainted or shaded in any way. Each leaf is equal and as important as the other. As in any tree, the leaves respond to the light, positioning themselves to allow light through to even the most shaded inner leaves.

The trunk and roots of the tree may be seen as the governing forces. The Best tree has a secure root system to support and protect the leaves and fruit. The bark is a defensive wall against invaders. The best Government or trunk in this instance, provides a steady stream of fresh water and nourishment to the leaves. The leaves in turn keep the trunk healthy and strong.

The worst scenario is a tree that begins to rot at the core. The leaves suffer and begin to fall, usually the most shaded first.

The future predictions are a description of how the tree will grow if left to it's own devices. Can the future be changed by visions preventing these catastrophes? I've asked my nightly visitor, the Soul and Spirit of Nostradamus.

Nostradamus explains that the future may certainly be altered by prior knowledge, but to remember that pruning a branch often results in another very similar branch growing back in it's place. It is the careful Planning and Tending of the future in the present time that shapes what is to be.

Please read my posts, beginning with the very first one to understand the true meaning of my psychic visitations with the Soul of Nostradamus.

John Le Saint