Nostradamus Predictions and Prophecies of the Future by Psychic John Le Sainte Translated Here Free

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Nostradamus explains that I, John Le Sainte, am the Sole Heir to His Psychic Gifts of Prophecy

The Spirit of Nostradamus had traveled the Earth, observing the past five centuries as a scholar, until I, John Le Sainte, was ready to help fulfill his promise to the world made hundreds of years before, "To Return on the 500th Anniversary of my birth", and "To reveal new psychic predictions to the world"। Nostradamus revealed that his blood passed through my heart as well as the Blood from Ancient Holy French Kings. The 500th Anniversary of the Birth of Nostradamus also coincided with the year that I turned 40, which I was told was also very important. Nostradamus has related his experiences of learning the ways and languages of the world's past and future civilizations by looking through their eyes and listening through their ears over the past 5 centuries. He is fascinated by the advancements in Science and Technology and seems to be quite knowledgeable about modern society.

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Part Two, How The Spirit and Soul of the Great Prophet Nostradamus Revealed his true name and Identity to me, John Le Sainte.

Interesting Sample Future Prediction as seen, written, interpreted and explained by John Le Saint and Nostradamus. A Nuclear Bomb! A Terrorist Attack!

John Le Sainte