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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Why Nostradamus Concealed Many Names in His Gifted Psychic Predictions such as Hitler, Napoleon and others.

Nostradamus avoids naming great evil people or groups in his psychic predictions. The old adage, "Speak of the Devil and the Devil Appears" seems to be a force behind these hidden names. For example, in the Harry Potter books, the great evil being "Voldemort", is usually only referred to as "He who must not be named". Seventy years ago, a newspaper editor in America was afraid to publish stories about the Muldoon gang and created the substitute word "Hoodlums". Names of similar sound or a clever rearrangement of letters are usually substituted for the most evil men or forces such as Adolph Hitler and Napoleon. I will be interpreting many of his earlier psychic writings.

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