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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The Secret Psychic Keys and Codes of Nostradamus Complete Predictions and Prophecies

Nostradamus promises to begin disclosing the keys and secret codes to some of his earlier psychic prophesies to me, John Le Sainte. I will use these secret codes and keys to interpret and explain many of his earlier puzzling predictions and quatrains. Nostradamus also wishes to expose completely his past false psychic predictions and prophesies that had been published to secure help amongst the royalty. Nostradamus wishes to free his soul from these untrue prophecies.

In his lifetime, Nostradamus needed the protection of Her Most Royal Highness Queen Catherine de Medici and incorporated her incorrect visions into several quatrains to hold her favor. These will be exposed as well over the coming months.

Nostradamus will begin to reveal his lost secrets of Astrology, Numerology and methods for creating true horoscopes. We may collect all of these notes into a book of these Lost Secrets of Nostradamus. But I will share many of them here for free, to you our loyal reader. Don't forget to subscribe.

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