Nostradamus Predictions and Prophecies of the Future by Psychic John Le Sainte Translated Here Free

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Dangers Faced by Nostradamus and other Psychics in History, a Biography of Terror

In the time of Nostradamus, the world was a different place for psychics, seers or prophets. The profession was constantly in fear of prosecution by the church or the state. The punishment often was lifelong imprisonment, banishment or death. Many persons in power would choose to "Kill the Messenger" of bad news. To make a psychic prediction in the time of Nostradamus about the eventual downfall or the concealed corruption of a church leader or monarch would bring certain death. Those psychic visions were hidden in anagrams, puzzles and other codes to which chosen people were given a key. The new psychic quatrains that we compose together are freer from these restrictions, but still carry the possibility of retribution. Nostradamus has instructed me not to reveal a number of quatrains based upon certain events for my safety. These are being hidden for publication upon my death. Over 80 such psychic quatrains already exist.

John Le Sainte