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Friday, May 16, 2008

Some More Complete New Predictions by Nostradamus and Famed Psychic John Le Sainte

Please try to read my Complete Blog from the first posting to the newest. These are more quatrains based on the Psychic visions that Nostradamus shows to me each night. Please read the other predictions found within my other blog postings.

Fire will destroy a great library old,
A crime of thievery to disguise.
Such a loss, History untold,
Mountain is a clue to the wise.

Famine spreads and Evil takes,
Feeding a roaring beast.
A starving populace awakes,
Food for a Wicked feast.

Twelve Thrones become Six,
In a storm of Thunder and Numbers.
A blue hidden demon joins the mix,
A Kingdom changes as it Slumbers.

Rio De Janeiro Night Club in May,
Night of Concert and Celebration.
Broadcast on Television this Day,
Great Fire, Death, Conflagration.

The Griffin Speaks causing Trouble,
A Woman Scorned Issues an Edict nightly.
Threatens Career will be reduced to rubble,
Mighty Griffin Blooms even more brightly.

More to come each day.

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