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Friday, May 16, 2008

Nostradamus Predictions: Nuclear Terrorist Attacks From Nostradamus and Psychic John Le Sainte

Tonight's Posting involves two visions as shown by Nostradamus, and are Predictions and True Prophecies of a Nuclear World Terrorist attack by Terrorists and coming Anarchy in America. These Predictions by Nostradamus and I , John Le Sainte, are not about World War 3, but a single, solitary, nuclear attack. The first Prediction quatrain regards another future event.

I will continue to post more New Quatrains based upon my nightly Psychic visitations with the soul of Nostradamus. Each night, Nostradamus guides me into the future. Together we see the events and compose new quatrains. These are two more from the first new "Century". Nostradamus had arranged his original Prophecies into collections of 100 called "Centuries". This was not to say when the predicted event was going to happen. It was just his method to organize his prophetic visions. I follow the same format here. Please read my archived posts in order from oldest to newest to understand how the spirit of Nostradamus and I see and compose our new quatrains and to see the other psychic predictions already posted.

Leaders falsely make stand,
Trusting the darkened star.
Force of "A" will overpower
Marking red a territory far.

Note: The vision was filled with thousands of Red letter
"A"s some in various shapes painted in the manner of
Graffiti everywhere. They were a symbol of horror.
Five Joined Gangs adopt this symbol.

Power opened beneath the Sea,
Wicked plan born in Desert Land.
Earthly damage unforeseen will be,
A serpent with a human hand.

Note: The preceding quatrain is based upon a psychic vision that is very difficult to explain in four lines that must rhyme. Any vision written in quatrain form MUST match the rhyming format and pattern. I have done my best to indicate the important elements to the satisfaction of Nostradamus. My guide and editor keeps insisting on "Fewer Words"! "To say less will mean more"!

The completeness of the psychic vision below will likely give enough clues to prevent the act from happening. The event foreseen in this vision likely will 100 times more devastating than September 11, 2001.

It seems as though a terrorist faction has secured a warhead, but rather than explode it in a country, the aim is to drop it into the bottom of the ocean floor, exact location unseen in vision, but a feeling that it was somewhere between Boston and Spain. The ocean in the vision is very still and has a quantity of seaweed and some refuse floating around. The intention is to create an enormous tsunami to inundate the coastlands of the United States and Europe. However, Damage to the ocean floor and the resulting unexpected explosive chain reaction of gases released, cause an unplanned disaster.

Impossible to place in time, no dates, but seems to be within 5-15 years. The Ship appears to have big cranes on the sides. A large fishing ship or trawler? The ship seems to be in rough shape with quite a lot of rust especially around the surrounding rails. The warhead or explosive device is already set to detonate at a specific time and was encased in a thick concrete cylinder before shipping. Pictures of families in the desert areas were affixed to the concrete shell. Although the conspirators seem to be from the Middle East region, the Pilot and crew of the ship see to look Eastern European and speak a language I didn't recognize. It didn't sound Russian to my untrained ear. Definitely a chilly time of the year as the crew wore warm hats and medium weight jackets. The flag flying on the ship has stripes of green, yellow and orange ( or sun faded red?), but difficult to see any design aside from the colors as the flag hung down and still.

The crew members seem to resemble natives of Poland or that area. All are young, the Middle East appearing people and the crew are definitely, under 30, except for an older man, about 60-65 in black robes that seems to be blessing the device and touching the images affixed to it's cylindrical sides. The device is simply rolled off the ship when the supports are released. The ship heads away at full speed and the men on board gather at the back of the ship. Two carry video cameras and record the older man giving a statement in a middle eastern sounding language. The warhead explodes about twenty minutes later and although now miles away, the ship is thrown into the air by the huge water swell. When the ship flips over into the air, I glance at words written on the ship. There are two long words and a shorter , larger one that may have been the ship's name or part of it? "Nadia", ( or something visually similar). It seems that the area with the name had be repainted quite a few times, as though the name had been changed often in the recent past.

The crew members likely did not know what was going to happen. It seemed that the crew believed they were witnessing a burial at sea. The captain was the only one floating in the water with a Life Preserver on as though he knew something may go bad. The others onboard were treading water. Two more huge waves seem to erupt before an enormous firestorm seems to engulf the capsized ship and floating crew members. The survivors in the water are burned alive, the entire water surface boils. The flames seem to rise up like fountains a thousand feet high from the waters. The firestorm seems unrelated to the bomb detonation as though a submerged HUGE gas line had ruptured and exploded.

The only witnesses to the event that survived are crew aboard a Greenpeace ship several miles away , ( "Greenpeace" was prominently painted on the ship's side). I believe this ship was following, or searching for, the now destroyed ship. The Greenpeace ship is severely damaged and several crew members are lost. I see a man on a radio attempting to send an SOS call. His left hand is burned as is the lower part of his face. Not only has his hair been burned off, but the front his scalp seems to be covered in black melted plastic. He may have been wearing a knit pull over cap that melted in the front. He has apparently used his now severely burned hand to shield his eyes from the firestorm.

The fall out and gasses appear greenish brown in color from the distance and the fumes formed by several spraying fountains form long green fingers as driven by the prevailing winds. Taking on the appearance of a snake with a human hand.

I really don't know if the Tsunami strikes North America or Northern Europe as planned. I didn't see anymore than the thirty minutes or so I have described, however the created water swell at the explosion site must have been 1,000 feet high, then it seamed to suck back down into a massive crater of water a half mile across or more. The cycle repeated again twice before the fountains of flames which only seemed to explode with fire for a few minutes before they stopped. Great quantities of gas bubbled up for a long time afterwards creating great greenish/brown plumes that covered hundreds if not thousands of miles.

This is the psychic vision that I attempted to explain in just four lines using only twenty two words. Some other visions are even more complicated with even more images or very confusing details. My instruction from Nostradamus is to give just enough clues to help the readers reach their own conclusions to stop the event from occurring or allow time to prepare for a disaster. To write a detailed description of the fover 700 hundred new quatrains already written would also add several thousand pages and at least a full year's additional writing to complete.

Just by revealing these details, I may be changing future history thereby making some of the other quatrains obsolete. However, Those with evil intentions may still carry out their plans, but in a different manner.

Please read my VERY FIRST blog entries in order from the first to last to understand my life and why the soul of Nostradamus and I now present to you the new psychic Quatrains.

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