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Sunday, May 18, 2008

Nostradamus and I John Le Sainte disclose 4 more Newly Written Psychic Visions of the future.

I will release several more psychic visions each day. The Spirit and Soul of Nostradamus reviews each quatrain before publication. These are four more Prophecies based upon the earliest psychic visitations of Nostradamus. Some future prophesies will be released with great detail to explain the entire psychic vision. Some such as the following four, Nostradamus prefers that I leave these psychic prophetic visions in the simple form.

Durst Giant Awakens in fury,
Warnings Brown Ignored.
Leave! But few hurry,
Calls for help implored.

A Lie told by a Moving Head,
Angel False beneath a Ball.
No Justice for the many Dead,
Evil incited, A Temple will fall.

Upon the Earth,
Melting fury.
Cycle of dearth,
Guinan Hurry.

Petty thief severely punished,
A Year for a quart of wheat.
Global Thief is not Admonished,
Slaves pay to the Evil Cheat.

I may post another Psychic Vision tonight. The next one has a VERY lengthy description. Nostradamus and I have agreed to release the full details of one of the most devastating psychic predictions to the World's Future.

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