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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Nostradamus Predictions: Mount Rainier will have Earthquakes, A Volcano Explosion and Devastating Mud Slides that will Destroy Downtown Seattle

Nostradamus Predictions of a Great Natural Disaster in Seattle Washington Area! Nostradamus, the greatest psychic and seer of all history, began to visit my dreams December 21, 2003. I am psychic John Le Sainte. The true Spirit and Soul of Nostradamus made a promise almost five centuries ago, to return on the 500th anniversary of his birth to share new Predictions and Prophecies with our troubled world. Nostradamus has revealed to me that I, John Le Sainte, am the sole heir to his Gift of Prophecy.

Nostradamus guides my soul into the future and shows me visions of what is to come. I publish these visions now to warn the world as the Great Psychic Prophet Nostradamus had 500 years before.

I have seen many troubling visions of the coming decades. One especially terrifying vision that I have seen many times has been for the great Volcanic Explosion of Mount Rainier in Washington State in the United States of America USA. I can give very specific details of the event, but the exact year is a problem. Unless I see a Calendar, newspaper or hear a date spoken in the psychic visions that Nostradamus shows me, I must guess. I have seen the Mt. Rainier event several times from different points of view. Mount Rainier is NOT an extinct volcano!

Tahoma, Great Cascade Mountain offering Sight to Astound,
Shall Collapse in Fire and Ice and Mud from Heat Within.
Such Speeds Great slides Lahar shall reach the Sound,
Over Cities and Innocents Great Suffering shall begin.

The great Mt. Rainier Explosion comes in the early part of the year, one of Record Snowfall and Rain. The grounds upon and surrounding the mountain will be extremely saturated with water and snow, which will make the disaster especially dangerous. My guess as to the date is in March or April judging by the lack of foliage.

There will be three moderate intensity Earthquakes with hundreds of minor tremors leading up to the massive explosion. The three Earthquakes are in a remote area and don't really draw the attention of the surrounding cities. These minor Earthquakes around Mount Rainier happen for about 6 days before the event. Talk of evacuations begins as scientists come into the area to study the earthquakes, but nothing is done. Several families in the towns surrounding the mountain leave as a precaution and are among the only survivors from their areas.

The explosion and ash are not the devastating force of destruction, but rather massive mud flows caused by the rapidly melted snows and the heavily water logged terrain. These flows sweep towards the ocean miles away. Tens of thousands are lost in this disaster, considered the most devastating in United States History. The cities of Auburn, Enumclaw, Renton, Kent and much of downtown Seattle will be lost. These Mud Flows reach into Puget Sound and Lake Washington causing damaging tsunamis.

From the psychic visions shown to me by the True Soul and Spirit of Nostradamus, I write these new Nostradamus Predictions and warnings. I will alert my readers immediately if I have another vision showing the actual year. Do watch for a Winter of Record Breaking Snow and Rainfall. The early in the year a series of three moderate earthquakes 20 hours or so apart. After the third there will be about 6 hours until the giant explosion and landslide. Poisonous fumes will sweep down the mountainside as well, but the destructive force will be the monumental mudflows large enough to sweep away entire cities.

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John Le Sainte

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John Le Sainte the New Nostradamus said...

I'm sorry to say that I've seen the visions several times. I wish that I could tell the world the exact date. I see the visions through the eyes of panicked people. I really do. They often are not looking at newspapers or calendars. I did see some city names as they were on store signs and street signs as they are sweep up into the mud, I hope I spelled them correctly. The visions were all of the same event from a different persceptive! The Devastation is not caused by lava or ash as you might expect, but MUD! I know it seems crazy and unlikely, but they are so detailed. I write down as much of each vision that I can remember trying to remember each and every tiny detail. Not all of Seattle is inundated in mud, But mostly downtown, which seems to get wiped out. This river of mud moves at speeds that seem to be as much as 40 miles an hour in a solid gigantic wave. The Mud seems to swallow up the structures rather than flatten them. The sheer mass of mud is just beyond the ability to imagine if you haven't witnessed it with your own eyes.

Beware of the Earthquakes I've described and the Record Rainy and Snowy winter JUST before!