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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Nostradamus Predictions: Future Successful Treatment of Spinal Cord Injuries allowing the Regrowth of Damaged Nerve Tissue.

Nostradamus predictions for successful treatment of Spinal Injuries in the near future. Nostradamus shows me many psychic visions of the Future. I am John Le Sainte. Five Hundred years ago, Nostradamus made a promise to the world to return in 500 years with new Predictions and Prophecies for our times and our future. The immortal Soul and Essence of the great Prophet Nostradamus visits my dreams each night and shows me the future. I, John Le Sainte, share these psychic visions of the future with my readers here.

I have many guided into the future to see many terrifying tragedies to befall our coming world, floods, earthquakes, famine and disease. But some of my psychic visions as shown to me by the true Soul Nostradamus do show great advances that I may share here.

Severed Spinal Cord will grow anew,
Miracle of Scaffolding and Cells aligned.
Borne of liquid guided by Magnetic glue,
Waves hold and foster growth to Bind.

I have been shown a miraculous psychic vision by Nostradamus of a revolutionary treatment for treating damaged spinal nerve tissue. A technique will be developed for functioning nervous tissue to grow, thus reconnecting the nerve pathways through the damaged spinal cord. It brings great joy in the future and uses an unusual technique. I am not a Doctor but I can describe the basic method. A solution of Silicone and magnetic micro particles are inserted into the damaged area with a growth inducting chemical. The secret is that a magnetic force is applied to create a straight scaffolding of the silicone particles to foster new growth that will connect the nerve pathways properly. Applied Magnetic force creating the proper alignment will be the key!

The technology will grow from a company that creates the first bionic chips upon which living nerve cells may grow and connect with the silicone chip substrate. This will come in about 8-10 years. I do not know the company's name, but they might not be in the business yet anyway.

I wanted to share some psychic visions of the future shown to me by Nostradamus that were joyous rather than devastating Doom and Gloom. I have seen many other Medical Advances for the future that doctors and hospitals will be using in all branches of medicine. I will share all of these psychic visions here as well. There will be cures for diseases and other maladies.

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John Le Sainte.
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