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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Nostradamus Predictions: Future Psychic Visions of Global Drought and Deadly Famine Soon

Nostradamus Predictions of Global Drought and Famine.

The great Psychic Prophet, Nostradamus, shares these new psychic visions of the future with me, John Le Sainte. Michel Nostradamus promised the Earth to return in the 500th year with more Predictions and Prophecies for out troubled world. Each night, the true Soul and Spirit of Nostradamus visits my dreams, and guides me into the future.

I, John Le Sainte, am now sharing, and interpreting these psychic visions as shown to me by the True Soul of gifted Seer Nostradamus with the world. I have experienced many psychic visions of a great worldwide drought. Nostradamus has shown me the exact reasons and results of this worldwide threat. The seeds are being sown today for this disaster. In the United States of America, USA, 10% of the fuel burned in cars must be alcohol. The majority of this alcohol comes from corn grown in the USA and distilled into alcohol for fuel. Even today, farmers are turning productive farmland used for growing food into fields for growing fuel. Now the value of corn is skyrocketing to meet the demand for alcohol for fuel.

I began to be shown these psychic visions by Nostradamus in 2004 and it's VERY difficult to date visions unless you see an actual dated Newspaper or Calendar. The scenario is happening right now, so it might been in just one or two years.

The great danger comes as drought creates a crop failure in the Southern Hemisphere. The seasons are exactly switched in the Northern Hemisphere. Now, grain prices rise dramatically, making food unaffordable for citizens of the poorer countries of the world. To make matters worse, grain market speculators drive up the prices of crops as the gamble on making huge profits when the price rises. Moreover, many countries of the world begin to buy up vast stockpiles of food as a "Strategic Reserve" to have enough food on hand in case of an emergency.

Countries begin to ban the export of grains to other countries, driving up the food prices in the poorer countries to and even greater extent. Citizens in the impoverished nations now begin to starve as even the most simple sustainable diet becomes unaffordable and unobtainable.

Then the great tragedy occurs. Many USA farmers are increasingly turning over their fields to valuable Corn production. In early Summer within just the next year or two a short term, yet devastating dry spell will happen at Exactly the worst moment it the growing season. A hot, dry wind will blow for just a few weeks, a devastating weather pattern for corn silk production. Corn silk are those very fine fibers that surround the ears of corn as they are growing. They bring the pollen to each of the developing seed kernels of corn.

The corn silks are delayed in development or dry up completely during this short, but dangerous period of heat and high wind across the entire midsection of the United States.
When the pollen tassels on top of each corn stalk finally does release the vital pollen for corn pollination, the silks are unable to deliver the necessary pollen for corn ear development. The corn crop across the nation is heavily damaged with stunted, undeveloped ears of corn.

Now, the animal feed market skyrockets as well causing the price of meat to triple in just a few months around the world. Corn, now unavailable in adequate quantities to produce the required alcohol mandated for auto fuel, the alcohol manufactures turn to wheat, sugar and other grains, driving those prices even higher. In the United States already high food prices will triple. Market speculators drive the prices to incredible heights with no end in sight. The price of fuel spirals upwards as America finally changes the fuel mixture laws and millions of more barrels of Oil are needed each day in the USA.

World wide, small nations literally will see mass starvation. The food producing nations will no longer export these cereal grains. These hungry masses in these barren nations do not sit back and ignore the situation. Nostradamus has told me, "When you are Rich, you have many Problems, When you are Starving, you have just One". Great evil leaders will emerge to control these anger and hungry masses of people towards their wicked plans. I clearly remember seeing placard type signs, in one of my psychic visions as guided by Nostradamus, held by food rioters blaming the United States. One placard in particular impressed me as the writing blamed the Anheuser-Busch Company for using enough rice to make their beer just for the United States market to feed all the starving, dying and impoverished people in the world. I was unaware that rice is used to MAKE beer, but it must be a key ingredient.

Nostradamus's grandfather and father in 16th Century France were grain merchants and speculators. Nostradamus has told me that the troubles coming to the world are very similar to the wet cool years in Southern France during the latter years of his lifetime. Nostradamus predicts that great plagues will also accompany this worldwide famine just as in his days on Earth. I will be share details of my future psychic visions as shown to me by the True Soul of Nostradamus, of the coming plagues, where they will strike first and how they spread.

I have already published the following Quatrain, based upon these psychic Nostradamus visions;

Famine spreads and Evil takes,
Feeding a roaring beast.
A starving populace awakes,
Food for a Wicked feast.

This is the other, until now, unpublished Quatrain describing these events as well;

The nourishing food, now in bounty,
Gifted by natures Mild Moist Kiss.
Will whither and die across the county,
by 2012 by hot dry air of Serpent's hiss.

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