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Monday, June 23, 2008

Secret Key to Unlocking Previous Nostradamus Predictions Revealed

Nostradamus Predictions have fascinated the world for nearly 5 Centuries. I am John Le Sainte, The true Spirit and Soul of Nostradamus visit's me each night and shares with me new psychic visions of the future.

I have received thousands of emails with specific requests for the future. A great many of my readers have asked about the true meanings of the original quatrains. I will be explaining the meanings over the coming months as many of these Visions of the Future by the Great Seer Nostradamus have come true.

The true soul and spirit of Nostradamus has spoken to me endlessly about his true meanings and how they were hidden in code. There is a key to unlocking many of the secrets which I reveal to the World, NOW.

The predictions had an Important basis in Flags and Heraldry. In the 16th Century, the use of Flags to symbolize a specific City, Area, Kingdom, Church, Township or Family was commonplace. The military utilized hundreds of different flags in the continent of Europe over the past 5 centuries. The psychic visions that Nostradamus recorded so long ago in France were through the eyes of Participants. It was very rare to see or hear an exact date spoken. As Nostradamus guides me into the future, I experience the same lack of ability to spot a date.

However, even in the heat of battle, a flag may be spotted in the vision to indicate the Army, Location or specific military campaign. The researchers that have painstackingly studied the psychic quatrains of Nostradamus these past several centuries have neglected this Most important key. The flags and banners held the important images of Creatures, Patterns and Colors so often described in the quatrains. For centuries, countries have had a multitude of Flags used to represent different rulers or government change. Opposing Armies often had a specific Flag for EACH regiment, for each Battle, For each different war.

Look to the flags for many of the answers.

I have several notebooks of the true meanings of hundreds of the past quatrains which I will begin to share soon. Most of the predictions have already come to pass long ago.

Please read the previous posts to discover how I, John Le Sainte, have been chosen by the Spirit of Nostradamus to create new predictions of our future, to protect you, your family and the world from coming dangers.

John Le Sainte

Image © John O'Neill, Image of Flags for Nostradamus Predictions Wikipedia