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Monday, June 30, 2008

Nostradamus Predictions of the Future of Transportation as Revealed by John Le Sainte

Nostradamus Predictions of the future of the common automobile transportation of the world.

Nostradamus made a promise nearly 5 centuries ago to return on the 500th Anniversary of his birth with new predictions and prophecies for the future of our world. The true soul and Spirit of Nostradamus wandered the Earth awaiting his true heir to his gifts of prophecy.

I am John Le Sainte. Nostradamus first appeared to be in Late december 2003. Each night the Spirit of Nostradamus guides me into the future and shows me events to help me warn and advise the world of today.

I have had many emails with questions about the future of transportation. It seems that the price of fuel is worrying many people today.

On my many psychic visions of the future guided by the true soul and spirit of Nostradamus I have seen a revolution in Automobile Technology. The change is just taking hold in the world now for Hybrid type cars using gasoline and electric power.

However, the technology that becomes the dominant force is combination Electricity/Hydrogen Cars. This is how the technology works. Each automobile is plugged in at night to recharge the batteries when the power grid experiences it's weakest demand. Each night you must add distilled water to an onboard tank. While the car batteries recharge and system converts the water into hydrogen which is slowly stored in a tank.

After several hours the car is fully recharged and the hydrogen tank is full. The electric power is used for slow speeds in around the town traffic or at high highway speeds. The acceleration to get up to Highway speeds is provided by the hydrogen.

Basically, the automobiles run purely on electric power to recharge the batteries and replenish the hydrogen. The cars and small SUV's will have a traveling range in excess of 200 miles per recharge. If the batteries begin to run low, the hydrogen engine can kick it to recharge the batteries. If the hydrogen supply is low, you can stop at a re-fueling station to purchase a hydrogen refill. The on board car batteries can produce hydrogen, but it puts quite a drain on the power supply if the car is not "Plugged" into the grid.

Many new cars, especially the small SUV's and Station wagons will have roofs and hoods that are large photovoltaic cells that recharge the batteries during the day while you are parked outside at work or in a mall parking lot. People that only need to drive 10-30 miles per day will never need to plug into a power grid as long as they park outside in the sunshine.

This transition causes GREAT financial stress on many Governments around the world that rely on Tax Revenue from the sales of Gasoline and Diesel Fuel. The Fossil fuels will still be used for Airlines, Ocean Shipping and other similar uses, but the auto industry changeover with massive consumer acceptance reduces the pressure on the fuel industry.

Even today, The world governments are under tremendous strain due to the rising cost of fuel for the various government agencies and the military, and the citizens being forced to drive less. The reduced driving is lost tax revenue on fuel sales.

The Battery Storage Systems in Cars have a radical new design from that of today, which I am undecided if I should reveal the method of operation. To know the future and reveal certain details may cause a paradox, altering the future. I have seen a VERY economical and useful battery system for automobiles that becomes very successful and cheap. I have seen the complete details and am surprised that it was not adopted twenty years ago!

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John Le Sainte


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