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Friday, June 13, 2008

Nostradamus Predictions; Great Fire Danger for Australia, the complete Prophecy Explained by John Le Sainte.

Nostradamus make a promise nearly 500 years ago, to return on the 500th anniversary of his birth with new predictions for our troubled world. The True Soul and Spirit of Nostradamus first appeared to me, John Le Sainte, in December 2003. Each night Nostradamus guides me into the future to see psychic visions of dangers and teaches me his secrets of Prophecy.

I share these psychic visions with you, my reader, as Nostradamus had nearly 5 centuries before. This Vision is of Australia in just a few short years.

There will be several years of great rainfall to the point of flooding in normally arid areas of Australia. The plants and shrubs out on the plains and in the deserts will grow out of control in these perfect conditions. These excessive growth sets the stage for disaster.

Ice in the Sky Sends Lightning Down,
Australia with Thousands of Fires.
Storm 1,000 miles touching each town,
Flood Grown foliage feeding the Pyres.

There will be an extremely dry year of drought, little rainfall and excessive heat in one year after the years of great excess of rain and mild temperatures. The lush growth of plants, shrubs and foliage will dry out and cause a catastrophic fire danger. Lightning strikes spread across Australia carried by clouds with no rain. The clouds will hail, but the extreme dry conditions with the accompanying heat, will actually evaporate the hail before it even reaches the ground.

These conditions will cause a Firestorm over 1,000 miles wide, ( over 2,200 kilometres wide) across Austrailia causing immense damage and loss to remote towns and farms. The high winds will drive the fires forward at astounding speeds. Burning embers will be carried by the winds to hundreds of faraway towns and cities.

I have been shown this psychic vision of the future by the True Spirit and Soul of Nostradamus several times. It will be the greatest Disaster to ever befall Australia in it's modern, known history. I truly believe that it will happen within the next ten years and I have no advice to offer on how to prevent or prepare for this disaster.

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John Le Sainte

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