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Monday, June 9, 2008

Nostradamus Predictions: Europe Power Failure During Record Heat Wave

Nostradamus predictions of a record Heat Wave to strike Northern Europe cutting electricity service to millions due to overwhelming demand and faulty power transmission lines.

The Great Sixteenth Century Psychic Seer Nostradamus is my guardian spirit from the Past. Nostradamus made a promise nearly five centuries ago, to return on the 500th anniversary of his birth to bring new predictions to help our troubled world. Each night the True Soul and Spirit of Nostradamus guides me, psychic John Le Sainte into the future, and together we create new predictions and prophecies to warn and protect You, You Family and the World from Danger.

A great Heat wave, A Storm of Heat, will strike Europe causing MANY Hundreds of thousands of families across the continent to lose their Electrical Power Service to Homes, offices and Hospitals. Many thousands of Lives will be lost due to the lack of Air Conditioning.

Storm of Heat within Decade,
London, Paris, Berlin Power Dies.
Die is Cast, Faulty Lines Laid,
The Bell Tolls the thousands as World Cries.

The Quatrain written based upon psychic visions of the future as shown to me by Nostradamus states that this will happen within a decade, but I believe to comes much sooner. Possibly this summer, in the next three months. In my visions, as shown to me by the True Soul and Spirit of Nostradamus, I rarely see a date. Unless I hear a date spoken or see a calendar or spot a newspaper, I need to guess an approximate time in the future by the appearance of the cars or what the people are wearing. Europe is the most difficult for me to approximate the date as I'm unfamiliar with the car models and fashions.

The Region of Paris and the surrounding suburbs will experience a cascading loss of power due to a faulty underground cable south of Paris that sets off a chain reaction. The underground enclosure catches on Fire and burns several important cables. It takes hours to extinguish and cool the blaze before workers can enter to repair the damage. Hundreds die in Paris and the area due to the heat. France will experience widespread power outages at this time.

A hospital back up system in Germany, Deutschland, will fail for several hours due to the demand placed upon it as the system switches to emergency backup generators with the excessive burden of the air conditioning being on at full capacity at the moment of the automatic changeover. The Hospital's backup generator failure causes a power surge through the system that damages sensitive electrical medical support devices. Twelve patients will die as vital life support systems are cut off. I can't see the name of the hospital in the vision but It does not seem to be built in the past fifty years. It is a very neat and well kept building, but has design elements that lead me to believe it may have been first constructed in the 1970's and expanded and updated in the late 1990's. Just plan ahead for this to happen and have a backup for the backup generator during a week of record heat. Check to be certain that proper power surge protection devices are on all vital equipment AND are functioning correctly. I have looked at images of Hospitals in Germany on the Internet but haven't spotted it.

Similar deadly Power outages afflict the UK in the London area, Portugal, Spain, Belgium, Denmark during this most deadly "Storm of Heat".

I will add more details to this Nostradamus psychic Prediction and Prophecy of the future from my notes. I'll try to give every possible detail so that the mass outages may be prevented or made less deadly by prevention of the underlying causes in each country and city.

John Le Sainte.