Nostradamus Predictions and Prophecies of the Future by Psychic John Le Sainte Translated Here Free

Thursday, May 15, 2008

The Future Events, Nostradamus' New Psychic Predictions revealed by John Le Sainte

I, John Le Sainte, have been given Nostradamus' blessing and encouragement to publish the quatrains based upon the psychic visions we experienced. Expanded explanations and interpretations of several psychic visions have been added as a note to explain how the quatrain was written.

I have been warned to only reveal the complete details of a few select psychic visions to help protect the framework of the future. If we, Nostradamas and I, were to give very specific information about a future event, a time, a place and the names, the event likely will never occur. It does not mean we that our predictions were in error, simply that our foresight was used to prevent the tragedy from happening. By giving details of several predictions based upon our visions in this blog, we may effect changes in the coming several years causing ripples reaching forward into the future changing other events that may no longer happen. Nostradamus and I may even stop World War 3.

All that has Happened in the Past,
Is Forged from Unchanging Stone.
Yet to happen may Change, is not Cast
The Future is Grass That May yet Be Mown.

John Le Sainte