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Monday, May 26, 2008

Nostradamus Predictions for Venezuela Flooding and Earthquake in the Near Future

Nostradamus Predictions for Flooding and Earthquakes in Venezuela.

The True Soul of Nostradaus speaks to me each night. I am psychic John Le Sainte. In the Year 2003, late December, the Spirit of the greatest Prophet ever born, Nostradamus, began to show to me psychic visions of the future around the world. Nostradamus has revealed to me that I, John Le Sainte am the true Heir to his gifts of Prophecy and Astrology. Together, Nostradamus and I will reveal thousands of new psychic predictions to the world.

Today, I am writing about a great disaster to befall Venezuela. I have seen many psychic visions of this country.

Venezuela in a January a Very Wet State,
Swollen Rivers and Mountainsides Saturated.
A Tipped Crescent Moon Pours out a Fate,
Great Mudsides and Flooding Much Obliterated.

Caracus a vulnerable city Grown,
Homes on Unstable Ground.
Earthquake 7 The Seeds are Sewn,
Near a Day of Festival No Alarm will Sound.

These are the Predictions of events to happen in Venezuela and Caracas, as shown to me by the true Prophet Nostradamus. A time of great saddness will happen in Venezuela in the month of January. I don't know which year, but THREE bad things happen one on top of the next. A Great Flood, A Great Earthquake and another disaster I can't reveal yet.

There will be a VERY wet and rainy january bringing great floods to rivers and cause great mudslides on the hillsides. As this terrible flooding is being rained down upon Venezuela a Great Earthquake of magnitude 7+ without warning will cause devestating collapse of homes built on already soft, muddy hillsides.

It happens near a day of celebration, but I'm unfamiliar with the holidays in Venezuela. I couldn't see a year. Unless I see and Actual Newspaper or Calendar in the future vision, I cannot tell the exact date.

However, in my second psychic vision that Nostradamus Guided me to see in Venezuela in the future, I noticed a small mud covered child pulled from an Earthquake Collapsed home, sitting underneath a fresh newspaper with Enero Desbordándose..... Caracas, or something very similar on the Front Page as the Headline.

I have no other details about these two psychic visions. I will post the third vision of another disaster to strike Venezuela, but I will post it awhile after I confer with my mentor Nostradamus.

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Estas son las predicciones de eventos a ocurrir en Venezuela y Caracas, Venezula, como se indica a mí por el verdadero profeta Nostradamus. Un momento de gran saddness que va a suceder en Venezuela en el mes de enero. No sé qué año, pero tres cosas malas suceden uno encima del otro. gran diluvio, un gran terremoto y otro desastre, no puedo revelar aún.

Habrá una muy húmedo y lluvioso Enero ocasionan grandes inundaciones de los ríos y provocar grandes deslizamientos de tierra en las laderas. Como esta terrible inundación se está llovido abajo a Venezuela un gran terremoto de magnitud 7 +, sin previo aviso, hará que devestating colapso de viviendas ya construidas en suaves, laderas fangosas.