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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Nostradamus Predictions: Great Stolen Art Masterpieces to be Recovered in Japan In Businessman's Private Collection

Nostradamus and I, John Le Sainte bring these new Nostradamus predictions to our readers. Five years ago, in December of 2003, the True Soul and Spirit of Nostradamus appeared to me in a psychic vision. Nostradamus explained that I am his sole heir to his great gift of Prophecy and that I, John Le Sainte, needed to bring his new predictions to the world. Nostradamus had promised to return in the 500th year of his birth and bring new predictions to protect you and your family in the difficult times ahead. Each night the True Soul of Nostradamus guides me into the future and together we create new prophecies.

I share with you now a new psychic vision, that Nostradamus shared with me, of a future event in Japan. A famed and respected businessman will die unexpectedly. This is a well respected gentleman in the Japanese business world. However, his death will unveil a hidden secret.

Untimely Passing in Japan compromises,
Admired Businessman of Golden times.
Great Stolen Paintings hidden surprises,
Masterpieces are Evidence of worldwide crimes.

This man maintained an immense hidden art gallery of Hundreds of Great Masterpieces, many of which were famous stolen artworks. He had been a friend of another business leader in the paper manufacturing field. Apparently his friend RS had collected great masterpieces of art, but hid a large collection of illegally purchased stolen pieces by the greatest artists, Rembrandt, Monet, and many other of the finest artists.

Under investigation, this businessman RS in the paper industry transfered the great works to a trusted associate for safe keeping. Now several years later, The current holder of this multi Billion Dollar collection will die unexpectedly and the collection will be discovered. I believe that this happens quite soon. I remember having seen in the psychic vision as shown to me by Nostradamus, that a Famous "Self Portrait" was recovered among the hundreds of works.

A Japanese bank files a claim against the artworks that were not stolen, related to the involvement of past involvement of RS who I believe now is dead.

This will be the greatest recovery of stolen artworks in history. Some pieces were not even missed in the archived holdings of museum collections.

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John Le Sainte

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